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ApplicAid is a multi-award-winning non-profit social start-up that promotes global educational justice.

We help people from educationally disadvantaged groups (e.g. migrant background; low socio-economic status; non-academic parents) apply for all possible forms of scholarship/funding programmes in order to increase their chances of being admitted and at the same time increase the number of these groups in such institutions.

Our aim is to help people who need support in order to realize their full potential and increase their social impact, because by being accepted into such support bodies there is more time for social commitment and self-development. This enables us to foster the future generation of young change-makers and leaders, thus facilitating sustainable social change.


Groups affected by the current educational injustice receive too little financial or non-material support (seminars, networks, etc.) and are less frequently represented in scholarship and support programmes, which means that they do not receive the support they would most urgently need to achieve social advancement and to develop their skills.


We want to create a society where every person can make use of their abilities, talents and potential and is encouraged to do so! We want to create a world where a person's educational success is independent of social, financial or ethnic background

Our Solution

We will support applicants during the application process by providing systematic and coordinated mentoring with a current Scholar or Alumni. Additionally, we will offer access to an exclusive global network of fellows and alumni from all over the world, so that they can network with each other and be the first to learn about the best scholarship opportunities.

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