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Our Team

Malte Kuehl

Chief Technology Officer

Malte Kuehl is a med student & polyglot interested in sustainability, social justice and technology's influence on our society. He first began coding at the age of 13 and moved on to found a "students help students" musicschool matching young students with adolescent teachers. He's involved with multiple oikos international (which promotes sustainability) projects, among others as technical leader for EcoMap. With the ApplicAid-team he's fighting scholarship bias as the project's lead developer.

Pelumi Fadare


Pelumi Fadare, born in Nigeria and raised in Spain, speaks 8 different languages and has a BA in Translation and Interpreting and a Master's in Business Management. She has a YouTube channel dedicated to providing educational opportunities for young people, such as international conferences and study abroad programs. Its aim is to help students make their dreams come true through scholarships. As ApplicAid's CBDO, it has a broad and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of scholarships and mentoring and can identify new perspectives and growth elements necessary for the organisation.

Backtosch Mustafa

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Backtosch Mustafa is a medical student from Hamburg and a researcher at the "Harvard Medical School" in Boston in the field of neurogenetics. 
His many years of experience in leading various social organizations (with a focus on health and education) make him a leader in social entrepreneurship. 
In his spare time, he focuses on Future of Health, effective philanthropy and is dedicated to helping other young people reach their full potential.
 In the meantime, he has been awarded more than 15 national and international scholarships and prizes ("The Resolution Fellowship", Fulbright, Clinton Foundation, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, DAAD etc.) for his commitment and academic achievements.

Patrik Staak

Mentoring Management

Patrik Staak is currently studying biotechnology in Hamburg, is a trained paramedic and has worked for AIAS Hamburg e.V. in the health sector. He also deals with the topics "Digital Future" and "Design Thinking" and is constantly interested in advancing his personal development by acquiring new soft skills.
As a change, Patrik likes to do weight training and athletics in his spare time and strives to achieve his full potential, no matter in which field. Through his involvement with ApplicAid, he wants to help young people in particular to overcome challenges and to facilitate access to supportive educational opportunities.

Rachel Brown

Social Media Manager

Rachel is a Bi-Lingual Jamaican PhD student studying Social Media impact on law & society. She has a BA in Communication & a MA in Law. She worked internationally in PR, Marketing & Social Media Campaigns. She also worked extensively on Communication for E! Entertainment & was employed by many law firms including one in Nairobi where she worked on the Mau Mau reparations case. She is founder & Executive Director of the Every Mikkle Foundation; a charity helping underprivileged & orphaned youth. Her experience, passion & dedication to improving the world, make her an invaluable team member.