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Offline Meeting in Barcelona

What happens when you bring an Afghani-German boy, a Nigerian-Spanish girl and a Jamaican together?
Magic of course. After 5 months of online meetings conducted only after the most complex time-zone coordination analyses (we used Google) consisting of intense strategizing, planning, idea-sharing, working, working and more working; we decided it was time for us to meet in person (just like they did in the 90s). Backtosch flew from Germany to Barcelona where Pelumi and Rachel were, and the best meeting of the year took place in the sunny month of August in the beautiful and dream city of Barcelona.

We interrupt this blog post to tell you how to have the best meeting of the year.
Step 1: Meet in person
Step 2: Come up with an unforgettable agenda
Step 3: Get snacks…tons of snacks
Step 4: Find the perfect spot (bonus points if it has coffee)
Step 5: Assemble like The Avengers before they save the world and then save the world
Pretty simple. Ok back to the meeting.

After many hugs of excitement, we found a co-working space, settled in and got to work. We worked for seven productive hours and by the time we were finished, we had revolutionized our entire concept. We realized how much our personalities affected our perceptions and thoughts during our meetings. Backtosch is more of a science guy and his suggestions and thoughts were based predominantly on data and logics. Pelumi is the optimist in the family and was able to see the positives in every idea and possibility. Rachel is the realist and tended to see the potential issues with the ideas we had. This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but the combination of the three personality types provided the perfect productive balance.

We spoke about the structure of Applicaid, our vision for the future, why Applicaid is necessary and then got more personal and shared our own stories with each other. After listening to those stories it was evident why we are all involved and so passionate about our work with Applicaid. We have all been at financial disadvantages in our lives and would never have been able to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered to us if we had not had scholarships and financial assistance. We have all achieved everything that we have because we have had help along the way. And we have all been raised with the belief that “to whom much is given, much is expected” which has resulted in our commitment to help others to achieve their educational dreams, just as we have been helped to achieve ours along the way.

It was very eye-opening to see that an Afghani-German boy, Nigerian-Spanish girl and a Jamaican could be so different, yet so similar. What’s wonderful is that our differences help us to maintain a balance and cover all bases, while our similarities help to create a synergy and bond that make working together a wonderful privilege.
And while this was not our first interaction or our first meeting, it definitely felt like the beginning of something great. We all believe Applicaid will be something great and we can’t wait to help you to do what you should be able to; achieve and be great too! Here’s to new beginnings!

Author: Malte Kuehl Published: 15.01.2019 18:51 Uhr