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Do you have one or more scholarships and want to pass on your knowledge to others? Then you can find more information here.

Why should you become a mentor?

As a mentor you will meet various people and act as a role model to them. During your journey you will have an incredible number of new experiences and broaden your personal horizons.
As a mentor, you will also gain access to the exclusive Applicator Network, which offers you incredible advantages, such as:

  • Regular webinars from leading experts on various topics, including:
    • Leadership
    • Personal development
    • Self-presentation
    • And many more
  • Are you looking for contacts for a certain scholarship, a certain job or just want to meet interesting people from all over the world? Then you have the opportunity to do so now! In our internal network you will find scholarship holders and alumni of all possible funding bodies and scholarships from all over the world. Network and meet each other!
  • Monthly overview of the most interesting and best current scholarship programmes, grants, conferences, etc.
  • Official certificate for your CV

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Our Mentors Say

Do you have one or more scholarships and want to pass on your knowledge to others? Then register now!

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As a mentor, we want to give you the opportunity to have a big impact even with little time. From as little as 0.5 hours per week, you can become a mentor at ApplicAid. Mentoring is limited to one month, which means you will have a total of four talks with your mentee. You will find out what can/should be discussed in these meetings by reading our guidelines.
No, it's completely for free!
We will do everything to provide you with an excellent fitting partner. If it does not work out well, we will plan the further steps together with you and (in individual cases) also arrange a new matching.
Yes, you will get two guidelines from us: The first one will give you advices on how to be a mentor, while the second one gives you and your mentee some advices regarding the application procedure of various scholarships.
No, since it takes place online, you can be anywhere in the world!
Yes, you will get an official certificate, which you can use for your CV.
Our mentees are exceptional young people, who had to overcome many educational difficulties in their lives and now want to apply for a scholarship.
Anyone can become a mentor who is a scholarship holder/alumni in a funding agency (regardless of how large/small the funding agency is). If you can prove this and are interested in shaping the lives of other people, then ApplicAid is the right place for you.
We are always happy to help! We at ApplicAid will support you from the beginning and are your contact if there are hurdles or if you just need a second opinion in certain areas. Our support will support you in every phase of mentoring!
You can find all the benefits from the Applicator-Network here
Using our self-developed machine learning algorithm, we will use the answers from your questionnaires to match you with a mentor/mentee who has the most in common with you.